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Solid Milk or Dark Chocolate Heart Box filled with 6 truffles. Choose Assorted with or without boozy truffles or make your own assortment! Send some love to all the moms in your life. 

Net Weight: 7.5 oz 

Truffle options include:

Continental Truffles: Layers of Milk and Dark Chocolate blended with our homemade Hazelnut paste - A JoMart Favorite.

Cocoa: Our dense ganache dipped in dark chocolate, rolled in natural cocoa, foil wrapped - available in dark chocolate only

French Swirl: Ganache dipped in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, drizzled with contrasting chocolate design

Fudge: Denser then our ganache, but so smooth and creamy. Hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate

Raspberry Jelly: Ganache infused with natural raspberry. Painted with cocoa butter. Hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate

Coffee Break: Creamy, intense coffee ganache with roasted hazelnuts and almond butter crunch. Topped with ground coffee. Hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

Champagne: Natural champagne flavor, added to our ganache. Signed with a C. Hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate.

Mojo*: Dome shaped shell molded truffle. Filled with our ganache, infused with a generous amount of Bourbon. Decorated with contrasting chocolate. 

Nola: A combination of ganache, pecans, jalepeno, sea salt, and cinnamon. Hand-dipped in Dark chocolate.  

Jamaican Rum: Ganache flavored with natural rum flavor.Hand-dipped in milk or dark chocolate. Topped with a pinch of pure chocolate sprinkles.

Peanut Butter Ganache Truffle: Our perfect Peanut Butter ganache. Hand-dipped in Milk or Dark Chocolate.

Peanut Butter Ganache and Raspberry Jelly Truffle: Our Peanut Butter ganache layered with our homemade Raspberry Jelly. Hand-dipped in Milk or Dark Chocolate.

Beer Bonbon*: Made with Brooklyn Brewery's Brown Ale and East IPA.

Honey Bourbon Caramel Truffle* - A perfect combination of Honey and Bourbon covered in dark chocolate topped with gold flecked cacao nibs

Cabernet Sauvignon Bonbon* - A rich Cabernet Sauvignon ganache covered in dark chocolate painted with purple cocoa butter
Prosecco Bonbon* (seasonal) - A fruity, delicate Prosecco ganache painted with gold cocoa butter (dark chocolate only)

The Cocoa, Nola, Honey Bourbon Caramel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Prosecco truffles are only available in Dark Chocolate. If you choose Milk/Milk and Dark Chocolate in your order - please note that these truffles will only be Dark Chocolate. 

 *These truffles are made with alcohol. 



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